Standards Development - Current

In its new generation of Woodwork Standards, The Architectural Woodwork Institute is writing a new Standards for Architectural Woodwork different from previous versions. The Standards will be written over the next three years in individual sections creating a "Suite of Standards" that address each aspect of architectural woodwork.

The ANSI process is an open and transparent system of writing and reviewing through a more collegial exchange. AWI welcomes the input of design professionals and specifiers to participate in Subject Expert Review Teams (SERT) and Canvass Teams for each section being written.

While AWI is changing the Architectural Woodwork Industry, the organization is still providing technical assistance for the users of the current AWS, 2nd edition. Technical help is available at 229-389-2543. Contact Ashley Goodin for assistance and for info on participating in the Standards review process.

AWS2ndEd.jpgArchitectural Woodwork Standards, Edition Two (2014) - Plus All Errata Through April 29, 2016
The Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) is the guide for the specification, construction, and installation of interior architectural woodwork. The AWS is a definitive reference manual designed to simplify and clarify guidelines, information and principles required for fabrication, and finishing and installation of architectural woodwork. It provides design professionals with a logical and facile means to comprehensively specify woodwork elements.

The AWS includes compliance criteria to ensure that all millwork manufacturers are competing equally when bidding on projects and they are obligated to perform work of equal quality. The Standards, as in both previous publications, encompass three grades of quality: Economy, Custom and Premium. The AWS also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms. Adopted and published jointly by Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC), and the Woodwork Institute (WI).