Nowhere else will you find more valuable education and training resources tailored specifically for your business. Professional development activities help expand your network, assist in staying on top of manufacturing, address safety and environmental concerns, provide the ideal environment to exchange ideas, solve problems and manage the significant issues impacting today’s business and design environment.
Held online and at leading destinations throughout the country, AWI offers:
  • Webinars educating members on the AWS, QCP, Safety  and much more. 
  • Seminars on critical topics such as Estimating, Financial Management, and Project Management. New Manufacturing Members receive a $500 discount off event registration with the first year of membership!
  • Workshops at AWI chapters, trade shows, and other events that offer insights on strategic planning, professional expertise, and important industry issues.
  • Plant tours to experience first-hand, state-of-the-art, woodworking production at AWI member facilities.