Regional Education

More Education Programs Coming in 2017 ....

Thanks to all the chapters for actively planning their education for 2017.

2017 Education Outreach Opportunities

Project Management- 3/16-3/17  Reserved
Adv. Estimating- 5/18-5/19  Reserved
Project Management- 9/15-9/16  Reserved
Adv. Estimating- 9/28-9/29 - Available
Chapter may choose the topic- 11/16-11/17  Reserved
*Financial seminars will be available upon request

AWI Education Outreach Procedure Manual

Consult the updated AWI Education Outreach Procedure Manual for details about how to tap into this AWI National supported program for AWI chapters.

Please review and complete the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to secure an AWI Education Outreach Program.

AWI National education programs are available for hosting by interested chapters.  To schedule an Education Outreach session, contact AWI 571-323-3636.