Cost of Doing Business Survey (CODBS)
AWI's annual survey designed as a tool to guide owners and key managers to help improve their profits with direct comparisons from companies working in the same industry and region.  The Cost of Doing Business Study and Compensation Report includes detailed revenue and expense line items, staffing levels, operational procedures and productivity measures to help companies measure the performance of their business and uncover areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The CODB provides your company the opportunity to compare your financial performance with the best in the industry.
The AWI Cost of Doing Business Report provides benchmarks for:
  • Gauging performance vs. industry peers to identify strengths/weaknesses
  • Controlling expenses
  • Tracking industry trends
  • Detecting early warnings of financial difficulties
  • Improving profits
  • Planning cash flow
  • Assessing overall company productivity and efficiency
In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, a company’s compensation and benefits policies have become a vital tool in attracting and retaining quality employees.
The AWI Compensation Study allows you to compare compensation levels and benefits offerings with up-to-date industry standards and to increase profitability by getting a handle on payroll costs.
All AWI Manufacturing Members who completed the survey will receive a full copy of the book. All other members can download a copy of the CODBS Executive Summary in the Members Only Portal.

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2018 Cost of Doing Business Survey Dates

Survey Opens: April 2, 2018
Survey Closes: May 25, 2018

Please Note:
No surveys will be accepted after the May 25 close.

Cost of Doing Business Survey Portal