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Abrasive Materials & Sanding Equipment FSC Certified Veneer Products
Computer Solutions & Software Gluing, Laminating & Veneering
Consulting, Financial & Management Hardware, Fasteners & Accessories
Consulting, Plant & Operations Laminates, Plastic & Metal
Consulting, Woodwork Inspections Lumber, Wood Parts, Moulding
Consulting, Woodwork Projects Machinery, Tooling, Equipment
Doors, Flush Solid & Hollow Metals, Decorative
Doors, Labeled Panel Products, Veneers
Doors, Raised Panel, Stile & Rail Shop Drawing Services
Education & Training Provider Solid Surface - Fabricated Products
Fabrics, Leather, Upholstery Solid Surface Materials - Raw
Finishing Equipment & Materials Stairs & Stair Parts
Finishing Services Unique Veneer Products
Fire Rated Materials - Manufactured Veneers, Architectural
Fire Rated Materials - Raw Woodwork Installation
FSC Certified Lumber Products

Decorative Glass Free Standing Furniture
Decorative Metals FSC Chain of Custody Certified
Decorative Stone Specialty Finishes
Design & Engineering Services Store Fixtures
Door Hardware Coordination Unique Veneer Products
Fire Rated Products Other
Factory Finishing, Sect. 5 Stairwork & Rails, Sect. 7
Blinds & Shutters, Sect. 6 Paneling, Sect. 8
Door Frames & Jambs, Sect. 6 Architectural Flush Doors, Sect. 9
Ornamental Work, Sect. 6 Architectural Casework, Sect. 10
Screens, Sect. 6 Countertops, Sect. 11
Shelving, Sect. 6 Historic Restoration, Sect. 12
Standing & Running Trim, Sect. 6 Installation
Windows, Sect. 6