Supplier Member Benefits

Membership Dues:
Annual Supplier membership dues are based on the supplier company's gross annual sales.

Annual Dues Gross Annual Sales
$1,100 USD Sales over $10,000,001
$900 USD Sales between $5,000,001-$10,000,000
$700 USD Sales under $5,000,000


  • AWI Logo [showhide]
    Market your company through the use of AWI's logo on your company's promotional material. Affiliation of your firm with AWI links you to an internationally recognized association representing the architectural woodwork industry.
  • AWI Web site and Membership Resource Directory [showhide]
    Your company profile will appear on AWI's Web site & in the Membership Resource Directory.
  • Networking Opportunities [showhide]
    You are invited to attend meetings and seminars, be a part of committees or task forces and join an AWI local chapter, all with potential customers.
  • Lead List [showhide]
    Access to an electronic list of AWI's 1,000+ Manufacturing Member companies.
  • Advertising [showhide]
    Advertise your company in Design Solutions Magazine and AWI Membership Resource Directory at specially discounted member rates.
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities [showhide]
    Elevate your profile among AWI members by exhibiting or becoming a Sponsor at a professional development event or annual convention.
  • Speaker's Bureau [showhide]
    The opportunity to join AWI's Speaker Bureau and become the "local woodwork expert" to the design community by offering AWI's AIA-approved education programs.

Publications & Other Benefits:

  • Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) [showhide]
    The AWS includes compliance criteria to ensure that all millwork manufacturers are competing equally when bidding on projects and they are obligated to perform work of equal quality. The Standards, as in both previous publications, encompass three grades of quality: Economy, Custom and Premium. The AWS also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms.
  • Design Solutions [showhide]
    AWI's flagship quarterly magazine, a vehicle for educating architects and design professionals about quality architectural woodwork and the merits of incorporating it into their projects.
  • NewsBriefs and e-briefs [showhide]
    E-briefs, our semi-monthly electronic update and NewsBriefs, our monthly print newsletter, provide current and breaking member and industry news.
  • AWI Membership Resource Directory [showhide]
    Our annual membership directory showcasing AWI Manufacturing and Supplier Members along with sources of supply common to our industry.
  • Safety Webinars and Resources [showhide]
    Exclusive access to AWI's Safety Portal which includes safety compliance tools, reports, templates on workplace safety and other information. AWI's insurance safety partner CNA offers AWI members complimentary safety webinars and can provide plant insurance at a discounted rate.
  • Technical Assistance for Architectural Woodwork Questions
  • Discount Pricing [showhide]
    • AWI Event Registration
    • AWI Store Publications

How to Apply

Click here to apply online. Please allow 3-5 business days for your application to be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation when your membership is approved. Your new membership materials will be shipped once approved. Additional shipping charges will be applied for any membership outside the United States.

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