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Board of Directors


Sebastien DesMarais, President
Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.
Hollywood, FL
(954) 266 5387
Mike Coticchio, President Elect
Siteline Interior Carpentry, Inc.
Chicago, IL
(844) 567 1920
Dustin Giffin, Vice President
Giffin Interior & Fixture, Inc.
Bridgeville, PA
(402) 221 1166
Skip Heidler, Treasurer
Heidler Hardwood Lumber Co.
Chicago, IL
(773) 847 7444


Tony Aubin, Director
Aubin Woodworking, Inc.
Bow, NH
(603) 224 5512
Randy Lange, Director
Lange Bros. Woodwork Co, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 292-1167

Cory Bittner, Director

TMI Systems Corporation

Dickinson, ND

(701) 456-6716

Doug Mock, Director
Mock Woodworking Co.
Zanesville, OH
(740) 452-2701
Liz Ingebrigtsen, Director 
Sprovieri’s Custom Counters
Addison, IL
(630) 543-3400

Whitney Pyle, Director
Advanced Cabinet Systems
(765) 677 8000
Robert S. Krejci, Director
Riverside Architectural Millwork
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 723 0900



Non-Voting Directors

Rosa Cheney, Director
RDCAIA Services
Arlington, VA
(703) 650-7442
Doug Hague, Director

Architectural Woodwork Institute
Potomac Falls, VA
(571) 323 3636



AWI Committees

  • Bylaws Committee - Reviews and recommends bylaws and policy issues when requested by the AWI Board of Directors.
  • Audit Committee - Works with Auditor to oversee and approve the AWI Annual Audit of year-end financial statements.
  • Finance Committee - Works with AWI Professional Staff and CPA to oversee and review compiled financial statements, makes recommendations and provides reports to AWI Board.
  • Insurance & Safety Committee - Provides AWI Members with information, programs, and resources on safety and risk management.
  • Nominating Committee - Proposes slate of qualified nominee candidates for AWI Directors, AWI Officers, and At-Large, Supplier, and Affiliate Development Council Reps.
  • Technical Committee - Reviews suggestions from AWI Membership regarding the AWI Standards.
  • Past Presidents Advisory Committee - An Advisory Committee of all Past Presidents, chaired by the most recent Past President Member of the Board can be called upon to review and advise Staff and/or the Board of Directors regarding matters of policy.


Premium Partners


Platinum Partner



Gold Partners