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Growing a successful interior architectural woodworking business takes more than fine craftsmanship. Attend one of our insightful professional development seminars to discover the management, financial, and negotiating skills that will put your firm on the map.

AWI Contracts Seminar

Contracts Seminar

Learn tips, tactics, and strategies to make contracts more favorable to you.

Advanced Estimating

Advanced Estimating Seminar

Discover practical methods to instantly boost the efficiency of your estimating department.

November 9-10, 2023
Hosted by the AWI Great Lakes Chapter
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Project Management

Project Management Seminar

Acquire tools that allow you to find balance between Contractor, Architect, Resources and Manpower.

October 18-19, 2023
Hosted by the AWI New England Chapter
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Financial Management

Financial Management Seminar

Boost your profit margin with effective financial projection, cash drivers, and benchmarking tools.

December 13-14, 2023
Hosted by the AWI Chicago Chapter
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