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Laboratory Testing Services from the AWI National Testing Center

Are you adding cost or value?

Through testing of product performance, industry professionals will be allowed greater flexibility following specific criteria for performance and quality when purchasing, manufacturing, or installing architectural wood components.


The new AWI Standards are game changers

For the first time, manufacturers and suppliers will have the opportunity to comply with AWI Standards while also leveraging cost savings from unique and innovative joinery methods and manufacturing processes.

Drawer Front Testing

Wondering if your unique joinery and material combination meets the  new requirements?

Measure the performance of your product against the Performance Duty Levels found in the new AWI Standards through the AWI National Testing Center’s rigorous battery of tests!

What others are saying

“To me, the testing facility adds value to my AWI membership more than anything else. It allows me to validate to architects that our products have been tested by an independent facility and ... conform to industry standards.”

- MIKE, manufacturer

Why Test through AWI?

The Performance Duty Levels within the new AWI Standards are the product of testing results and discoveries obtained at the AWI National Testing Center through the objective testing of casework and related components.

Skilled Personnel

The AWI National Testing Center’s experienced staff are dedicated to handling all of your testing needs through development and implementation of standardized testing methodologies and data collection/analysis systems. 

State-of-the-Art Facility

The AWI National Testing Center is equipped with temperature/humidity monitoring/recording, specialized testing machines and fixtures, and 24-hour closed circuit video recording, ensuring accurate and repeatable test outcomes.