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April 16, 2014, 2-3pm Eastern Time

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Presented by Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Coordinator and Garry Astles, President of the new Capital Region Chapter

Revitalizing and re-engineering a Chapter

Join us as we explore and review the building blocks necessary to start up and/or rejuvenate an AWI Chapter. At this seminar, you'll hear firsthand from Garry Astles, President of the new Capital Region Chapter, how they were the genesis for a new chapter and growth for AWI in their respective geographic region. Garry will take us step by step through the process he used to initiate this change and develop success for their chapter members. We'll also take a quick review at the tools and structures in place to guide this process. Even if you've been in AWI for some time, this information is vital in grooming a healthy successful chapter. It's also a great leadership model which transcends valuable lessons into any organization seeking to groom their leaders.

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